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Certified breeders and rescues are ethical, responsible, and professional.

Say goodbye to guesswork

Evaluating animal providers is tough. There’s a sea of information out there, but how much of it is accurate – and what criteria should you use to select a breeder or rescue?

We help you cut through the noise by certifying only ethical and responsible providers. Now you don’t have to hope you’re getting a quality animal from a quality breeder or rescue. You can buy or adopt with confidence.

Insist on quality

Breeder Rescue Certification standards are rigorous. Only high quality breeders and rescues make the cut, so you know you’re buying or adopting from an ethical provider.

When you choose a certified breeder or rescue, you’re choosing someone who values your animal’s well-being as much as you do.

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Our certified breeders and rescues...

  • Maintain the best possible standards for their animals
  • Stand by all contracts
  • Sell and adopt only healthy animals
  • Do not sell to brokers or pet shops
  • Provide lifetime support to buyers and adopters

All certified breeders and rescues live by a strict code of ethics. They also present proof of their claims and renew their certification every year.

Happy animals. Happy you.

Does your new companion come from a nurturing environment? Is she healthy? Did the provider treat you fairly?

When you choose a certified breeder or rescue, the answer is always yes.

Now you can buy or adopt with peace of mind – and with peace of conscience.