Higher standards. Quality animals. Informed buyers and adopters.

Certification elevates ethical breeders and rescues like you.

It’s time to recognize preservation breeders and rescues.

Breeder Rescue Certification is an earned designation for ethical, responsible breeders and rescues. By elevating the best of the best, we’re raising industry standards while educating buyers and adopters.

Today, you’re losing ground to bad breeding practices and unscrupulous rescue operations. We’re here to reverse that trend.

We’re also setting a high bar for the next generation of breeders and rescues.

The distinction you deserve

You’ve put in the time, dedication, and sweat needed to produce quality animals. It’s time to set yourself apart and stand up for your achievements.

You do not need to pander to lower standards or to those who say we should end breeding.

In an industry rife with bad actors and misinformation, you can finally show buyers and adopters that you’re ethical and responsible.

Educate buyers and adopters

When it comes to finding reliable, quality information about breeders or rescues, buyers and adopters face an uphill battle. It’s often difficult – no, impossible – for them to know they’re working with an ethical animal provider.

Breeder Rescue Certification changes all that. Now buyers and adopters can easily identify breeders and rescues who excel at placing quality animals with loving families.

Let’s educate the public about proper, responsible breeding practices – and show buyers and adopters that you value your animals’ well-being throughout their lives.

Claim your rightful place as a reputable breeder or rescue.

Certification shows buyers and adopters that you...

  • Maintain the best possible standards for your animals
  • Stand by your contracts
  • Sell and adopt healthy animals
  • Do not sell to brokers or pet shops
  • Provide lifetime support

And so much more! Certified members don’t just claim to follow these high standards – they present evidence to prove it.

BRC places all resources and information into a single, reliable location. That way, you can educate the masses instead of one family at a time.

Breeder Rescue Certification shows buyers and adopters that you’re the ethical, responsible animal provider they’re looking for.