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We connect animal buyers and adopters with ethical breeders and rescues

Ethical breeders and rescues deserve recognition.

Buyers and adopters want to find ethical breeders and rescues, but that’s easier said than done. Quality information is elusive, and online listings don’t distinguish responsible organizations from unscrupulous ones. The marketplace is broken.

That’s why we started Breeder Rescue Certification – to show buyers and adopters what’s what, so they can find the very best breeders and rescues.

Looking for an animal companion? Breeder Rescue Certification does your homework for you. All of our members incorporate rigorous standards for quality and care into their programs.

Do you breed or rescue animals? Certification showcases your achievements and gives you the distinction you deserve.


  • Have you been breeding for 5+ years?
  • Are you active in AKC conformation and/or performance events?
  • Do you submit the AKC Parent Club recommended health tests for your breeds to
  • Do you follow the AKC Parent Club recommendations for your breed with regards to breeding?

Rescues and Shelters:

  • Are you incorporated?
  • Have you been rescuing animals for 5+ years?
  • Do you actively work to return animals to their owners and/or breeders when possible?
  • Do you work together with other rescues, shelters and breeders to make sure that animals that have safe places to go aren't taking up valuable space for other animals?

If you can answer yes to the above, please fill out the application to get the process of certification started.

Please note that some of our requirements are in order for your reputation to have had time and/or a venue to develop. There is no way to ascertain whether a breeder, rescue or shelter is reputable without the transparency of their peers and past buyers.

Breeders and rescues: Highlight your achievements

Showcase your hard work and educate buyers and adopters about ethical, responsible practices. Certification shows that you value your animals’ well-being and treat people fairly.

From one happy home to another

Buying or adopting a new companion? Now you can know for certain that you’re working with an ethical, responsible breeder or rescue.

Have you had a difficult experience buying or adopting a pet?

Please let us know so that we can be sure that only ethical breeders and rescues join our ranks.

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